Welcome to Speakeasy!

Anyone can be a guest of Speakeasy. Simply deposit BNB and earn 0.25% daily rewards, no inflation or decay, which can be collected weekly.
Want to earn more?
Become a Member of Speakeasy by purchasing a Membership Key Card NFT! The Silver MKC provides members with a 0.25% boost, increasing the daily rate to 0.50%. And the Gold MKC provides members with a 0.50% boost, increasing the daily rate to 0.75%.
Even more?!
Speakeasy frequently offers other rate boosting NFT's, like our Cocktail Collections NFT's. See the "Minting" section for the current opportunities available.



My Daily Boost:

Cycle Time Completed: of 168 hours

Cash Out Available:

Referral Bonuses (Deposits):

Referral Bonuses (NFTs):


BNB   (Max 2 BNB)

Let It Ride
Cash Out

Timer: % ( of 168 hours)


Once the timer hits 100% (168hrs) you will no longer receive rewards. Execute a Let it Ride or Cash Out in order to reset the timer.

Total Deposit/Redeposits: BNB

Total Withdrawals: BNB

First Deposit

Incorrect network. Please connect to BSC
The referral you are trying to use haven't invested OR is the same address as the one connected (you can't refer to yourself).
You need to accept terms before you are able to deposit.
I have read and agree to the terms of the Disclaimer:

Protocol Performance

Stats related to Speakeasy's performance to-date, as well as where we currently stand.

Note: Some performance results are updated manually, and as such may not be exact.

The Protocol

The Pot: 0 BNB

The Bank: 919.27 BNB ($289753.42)

Average Daily Boost: 0.78%

Rewards Available: 28.16 BNB ($8874.88)

Max Weekly Payout: 78 BNB

Min Self-Sustainability: 6 Weeks

Likely Weekly Payout: 62 BNB

Likely Self-Sustainability: 8 Weeks

Important Note: Payout/Sustainability estimates shown above are based only on current assets in The Pot and do not include assets currently in The Bank.

Guests: 0

Members: 0

Investors: 0

Silver MKC Holders: 0

Gold MKC Holders: 0

Cocktail NFT Holders: 0

The Bank


EMP/ETH Farm: 346.81 BNB ($109315.15)

EShare Reward Pool: 17.55 BNB ($5532.52)

Detonator Value: 42.88 BNB ($13516.61)

Reactor Value: 34.77 BNB ($10959.13)

Nodes/upEMP: 5.35 BNB ($1685.77)

Elephant Money

Elephant Token: 60.21 BNB ($18977.40)

Trunk Token: 71.17 BNB ($22433.18)

EM BTCB Farm: 44.54 BNB ($14039.59)

EM USDT Farm: 37.71 BNB ($11884.91)

EM ETH Farm: 66.73 BNB ($21032.00)

EM Futures: 11.97 BNB ($3771.44)

Other Protocols

Wolf Capital: 5.92 BNB ($1867.34)

Blue Chip/Stable Holdings

USDT: 10420.66

ETH: 38.55

BTCB: 0.43


Items with italic type are ROI vehicles with principal locked in the contract.

Values last updated: April 1, 2023.


Speakeasy & The Backroom present BSC House Game, which offers fair odds confirmed by Chainlink VRF!

You control your chances and amounts of potential USDT prizes!!


Current Minting Options

The following NFT's are currently available to mint for use on the Speakeasy platform.

Silver Membership Key Card

0.25 BNB

  • Doubles guest daily rate from 0.25% to 0.50%
  • Provides access to all Speakeasy promotions, special NFT's, and more
Go To Mint Page

Gold Membership Key Card

0.75 BNB

  • Increases guest daily rate from 0.25% to 0.75%
  • Provides access to all Speakeasy promotions, special NFT's, and more
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Live mint periods for both Silver & Gold Cocktails have ended. However, cocktails from both collections may be available for purchase via NFTrade, our secondary market partner. To follow are links to each cocktail:


The Long Island Iced Tea (0.25% boost)

The Mint Julep (0.35% boost)

The Blue Hawaiian (0.55% boost)

The Mojito (0.65% boost)

Note: Quantities of the Gold Collection Cocktail NFT's are extremely small. Be sure to check from time to time in case the Speakeasy Treasury decides to release a few at a very competitive price!