Welcome to Speakeasy!

Speakeasy is a BSC protocol offering multiple opportunities to earn, including DRINKS by Speakeasy (ROI), special NFT programs such as The Double Barrel and Roll The Dice, as well as our native DRINKS token. Anyone can purchase the DRINKS token, but you must be a Speakeasy Member to participate in the other areas of the protocol.

DRINKS Version of the Speakeasy Protocol Launches Saturday July 22, 2023!

To become a Speakeasy Member, simply purchase our Membership Key Card NFT! The MKC not only gives you access to the full range of opportunites at Speakeasy, it also gives you a starting daily APR of 0.25% in the DRINKS by Speakeasy protocol.

Current Minting Options

The following NFT's can be minted for use in the DRINKS by Speakeasy platform.

Silver Membership Key Card

0.1 BNB*

  • Require to participate, provides a base daily APR of 0.25%
  • Provides access to all Speakeasy promotions, special NFT's, and more
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* The Treasury price is 0.1 BNB, but members may have MKC's on sale in the marketplace for less.

The Wildcard NFT

100 USDT

  • Provides a separate boost between 0.25% and 1.00%!*
  • Works with or without a Cocktail NFT!
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DRINKS Cocktails

There are three (3) different DRINKS Cocktail NFT's available to boost your daily APR. Each level will have an APR range, with the ranges moving higher at each level.* Click on any NFT image to mint your DRINKS Cocktail.

There will be also be a random mint option costing 35 USDT offering the following odds: Level 1: 60%, Level 2: 30%, Level 3: 10%.

*Actual APR for each level is determined by the Treasury and can be changed at any time.